The Sharks, Whales, and Fishes of Casinos

The Sharks, Whales, and Fishes of Casinos

Casinos are the grand places for entertainment and winning money. These are the only gaming establishments that can offer the fun of socializing with others while you are also trying to win money through the games. While gambling is still not completely accepted in several parts of the world, it still has a growing fan base with more people learning about casino games and lifestyles.

Beginners who enter the casino scene for the first time can never be prepared to win at the tables. Especially the tables games such as poker and blackjack require basic level knowledge in order to make any progress in the game. Suppose you are playing against an even slightly more professional player than you. In that case, you should be looking for another table and sitting with players who are better than you can be a big problem for you under a safe gaming strategy. Usually, the games welcome three kinds of players – sharks, whales, and fish.

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The Sharks

The sharks are the pros who like to play for winning money from the fishes and the whales. Being a shark, you look for the tables that can bring you maximum money in one night. You can do this by visiting a table with all the fish or sit among the whales for their money. Most sharks are dangerous to play with because they have the best knowledge about the games. They build unique strategies to beat other players for their money. They may not have the maximum money at the table, but even the whales with tons of extra money can start sweating when they see a shark entering the table.

The Whales

The whales are the wealthiest players in the world. They enjoy playing their favourite games at high stake tables. When professionals play with sharks, they may not have the best strategies, but the amount of money they have can really pressure a professional into folding. Whales are filthy rich and choose to keep the hobby of playing at casinos. It is highly recommended that you keep away from the whale tables if you are a beginner.

The Fish

The Fish

Turning into a shark from a fish is not an overnight success. Fish are beginners who step inside the casinos to experiment with little knowledge about games like poker. They are the wannabe sharks who definitely have a plan, but only a few last till the end to become a shark in a long term career. If you think you are a fish, you must stay away from the tables where the sharks and whales are sitting. Find a table where everybody is a beginner, so you can get enough time and money to succeed.

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